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Beginning your path: which courses do you need to work professionally in the animal health care field?

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Learn a new skill or enhance your current knowledge! Students from other programs are always welcome!

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Accelerated courses for licensed veterinarians, chiropractors, osteopaths and physical therapists with at least one year of experience in animal bodywork. Selected courses are open to advanced bodyworkers and veterinary technicians/nurses.

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Look after your own animals, and help guide your riders! Discover wonderful ways to communicate love to your animals!

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Animal Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation (Equine): 250+ hours of RACE-approved continued education for graduate EEBWs

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Evidence-Based Equine Rehabilitation: 67+ hours of RACE-approved continued online education!

Instructor All-Stars

"Having been involved in course development and teaching in unrelated fields, I appreciate that Debranne will not pen her name to a certificate until all of the minimum requirements established by Equinology, Inc. have been met and the student has demonstrated a degree of proficiency in his/her ability to perform the functions of an Equine Body Worker. This course add the third dimension to our two dimensional studies. This is a tough, stringent, yet very rewarding course that gives you 'the most bang for your buck!'"

Rene N.
EQ101: Equinology® Equine Body Worker Certification Course (Extended Version)

“Although I have enjoyed (and learned from) all of the courses I've taken, the one that stands out is the Anatomy EQ 900 course. Building the horse in clay, and the additional information on each muscle, has been invaluable. It was such a fun course. I have the muscle anatomy posters hanging in the barn, and refer to them daily. My 'learning' about body work began with EQ 100 (EEBW Certification), and continues. Deb, Nicole Rombach and Dr. Carrie provided excellent instruction in each course that I've taken.”

Linda R.
EQ900: Equine Anatomy Discover Course (Clay and Hands on)

“Equinology’s EQ100 course changed my life for the better. Deb’s thoughtful and thorough course gave me much more educated eye and understanding of the horse. The course revolutionized the way I look at horses and helped me restructure my training program and my business. I look forward to taking more courses in the future and continuing my education with the Equinology experience”

Mimi W.
EQ100: EEBW Certificate Course

“After a few years of training as an Equine Craniosacral practitioner, I found that I still had a huge gap in my equine anatomy. I found Equinology to be a superior place of education and had been checking out their courses for a while, when the EQ900 course grabbed my attention. I didn't have the discipline to try and learn muscles, nerve innervation, origin and insertion on my own. The outline of the EQ900 sounded perfect, as it incorporated structural and creative learning. Debranne has a wealth of experience working with horses from many disciplines, not to mention working and studying with other pioneers in equine anatomy and biomechanics so we were never short-changed on information. And to keep us from getting overloaded with clay building, we were able to text our newly learned anatomy towards the end of the course out by getting the chalks out and painting a horse.”

Emma L
EQ900: Equine Anatomy Discover Course (Clay and Hands on)

“Learning myofascial release work has taken me to the next level in my equine bodywork practice. Myofascial release has enhanced my intuition or energy with a horse and I feel like it really plays into the wellness part of my goal as an equine bodyworker and wellness educator...I now feel an even greater connection, almost instantly, when I'm with a horse. I have used MFR to 'get thru' to the horses who were not accepting bodywork. One particular horse who was previously guarded and acted like they would take a swing at me first before I could touch them, now looks forward to seeing me! I incorporate Myofascial release with my Equinology bodywork and vice versa, which makes it such a great tool to utilize.”

Denise S
EQ1100 and EQ1110: Equine MFR

“I want to thank Debranne Pattillo. I had gone through massage certification one year prior to attending Equinology training (EQ100). I was actively working part time doing horse massaging when I attended her training. Since my training with Deb I have received many complements from farriers, vets and knowledgeable horse clients. This has helped grow my business. From experience I have to say that great work gets you great clients and referral business. Thank you Deb!”

Patti B
EQ100: EEBW Certificate Course

“CN3015 and CN3020 revolutionized my practice, streamlining both assessments and defining areas most needing attention. Even better, clients can go straight into back to the competition ring following a session. These courses were made so much easier by already having a good knowledge of muscle anatomy thanks to Equinology and Caninology!”

Julia P
CN3015 and CN3020: Advanced Bodywork and Massage Techniques/ Canine Trigger Point Protocols

"I loved this course and recommend it to anyone who wishes to proceed to the next level of equine body work. Even if the student doesn't want to go for the EEBW Level 2 certification, the moves that were taught will help make them a better EEBW and bring more peace and comfort to the horses we work on. I have to admit, I was a little anxious to take EQ103 because I felt a little overwhelmed by everything we learned in EQ100, (and only being in the horse world since 2009).... I was so happily surprised by the fun that I had while learning more some really great new moves. I feel that it has boosted my confidence (I don't think I'm a hot shot by any means, but I do feel more comfortable and the horses that I work on can see it too) I liked the easy going feel and a lot of time having hands on training."

Claire M
EQ103: Advanced Equine Soft Tissue Techniques, Introduction to Spinal Mobilization and Clinical Reasoning

“Deb was very generous in allowing a small class to review and tighten up the last bits of EQ100. Externship. This was extremely helpful for myself because I have a very busy schedule and needed a little more structure to get it done. I was able to ask questions, and learn from the master herself in an intimate setting. This class refreshed my skill set and again proved to extremely helpful information and an Invaluable addition to my practice. If you’re thinking of taking this class or to go with Equinology as a program in general, I highly recommend it to everyone.”

Stefanie B
EQ106: EEBW Review Course

“I would highly recommend this class! My suggestion would be to take it when you are close to or done with your EQ100 externship. I had so many questions developing as I worked my way through the 20 massages. This class gave me the chance to get those answered and fine tuned my understanding of what I was feeling on the horse. It was also way more relaxed than the EQ100 and a really great atmosphere to solidify and refresh my understanding of the anatomy. The new techniques you learn really opens up the options for developing your own routine and style. I can't imagine stopping at EQ100. This was like having dessert."

Leslie C
EQ103: Advanced Equine Soft Tissue Techniques, Introduction to Spinal Mobilization and Clinical Reasoning

“If you think you know anatomy because you’ve studied anatomy books, taken other Equinology courses where anatomy knowledge is expected, or even taken a dissection course, but wonder if there’s more to know, then you need to take this class. There is nothing like building a horse from the inside out! Making the muscle from clay, finding the origins and insertions, discovering that what you thought you knew from 2 dimensional drawings isn’t even close to what is real (the tensor fasciae antebrachii comes to mind for me), and marveling at the complexity of muscle interactions, makes this course totally worth the time and expense. Debranne Pattillo makes the class fun and engaging with time spent both working on your model and looking at real horses to put the work into perspective. Be prepared to learn at a deep level. It’s designed to further your anatomy knowledge so you can be of even more benefit to your clients and their horses. I highly recommend it!”

Betsy N
EQ900: Equine Anatomy Discover Course (Clay and Hands on)

“This class exceeded my expectations in every way. It should be a required class for ANY one ever thinking of riding a horse, much less owning one. In 3 days you touched on everything from horse anatomy and physiology, to conformation, lameness, safety guidelines, and contraindications. We learned and practiced identifying basic muscle groups and bodywork technique, and corresponding strokes and releases. The lectures were spot on; lots of rich info but never too much to assimilate, and the perfect amount of practice time to commit it to memory. The lectures were infused with pertinent true stories from your wealth of experience in the horse world, and combined with the treasure trove of photos and videos that illustrated your points beautifully. Your genuine interest and empathy in our personal stories, combined with your offerings of veterinary references and links to more information for deeper study, made the course priceless. You gave me and my classmates a wonderful set of tools to use to get to know our horses better, and a lovely way for me to thank my pony for all the joy that she gives to me. I (we!) will be eternally grateful for this gift. I will HIGHLY and unequivocally recommend this course to my friends and trainers. Bravo!”

Annie D
EQ75: Equine Bodywork for Owners and Trainers

"I give Equinology and their classes ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! I started with the EQ50 (Equine Anatomy Precourse Distance Study) to prepare me for EQ100 (Equinology’s Equine Body Worker Certificate Course). The material is incredibly in-depth and quite intimidating at first. When I started studying, I felt like there was no way I would ever be able to grasp it all. I did a lot of studying before attending EQ100, but still felt overwhelmed when I started the EQ100 class. The format of that class however, brought it all together for me. Which is exactly what makes all of Deb’s classes so amazing. She has a way of teaching that makes you memorize things like muscle names at the same time as you develop a deeper understanding of their function, makes you ask questions, think deeper about what you’re doing and why, and somehow it sinks in and sticks! After finishing the EQ100 class I felt comfortable sitting for the EQ50 exam and passed." (1/4

Vicke M

“The EQ 100 class is incredibly in-depth and a great foundation for getting started with bodywork. There’s a good mix of classroom and hands-on work, learning how to do static and dynamic evaluations and some saddle fitting, in addition to the bodywork. The externship, following the course, is very time consuming and in depth but by the time you finish you are equipped to go out in the field and make noticeable changes in how horses are able to perform. “ (2/4)

Vicke M

“I actually felt so good about my work and the results I saw in my clients’ horses after I attended EQ100, that I wasn’t sure that it would be worth taking the EQ103 (Advanced Bodywork Techniques and Clinical Reasoning) course. EQ103, however is a game changer. Deb and Dr. Nicole are so fun to learn from and the stuff they teach gives incredible results. The externship is once again, challenging and very time consuming, but by the time I finished I had discovered a whole new way of working and developed a completely different approach to my bodywork. “ (3/4)

Vicke M

“I absolutely love Equinology and would highly recommend their classes. Deb, Dr. Nicole, and Ruth (that teaches MFR, another great class) are incredible instructors and I’m excited to continue my learning from them. No plans to stop until I reach master bodyworker status!” (4/4)

Vicke M

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