CN200: Canine Anatomy Caniken® CoreData™1 Workshop


Build the muscles of the canine with clay, from the inside out!

Learn comprehensive canine musculature by building it with clay! Canines include dogs, wolves, jackals, coyotes, and foxes, all members of the Canidae Family.

In this hands-on workshop, Jon Zahourek, the creator of ANATOMY IN CLAY® Learning System, leads you step-by-step through creating the muscles and attaching them to a canine skeletal scale model. (The model is based on the dimensions of a young wolf that Jon palpated at the W.O.L.F. Sanctuary in LaPorte, Colorado.)

See a Caniken® CoreData™ Workshop in action! Click on the video link:

Zahourek’s innovative approach makes anatomy both playfully simple and profound. Kinesthetic learning helps you remember what you studied because you are embodying it when you create something with your hands. Learn about canine movement, range of motion, evolutionary and embryological events that created the anatomical patterns common to dogs and man, and to all mammals. Increase your understanding of the dog and other canines in ways that are powerfully intuitive and artistic, as well as scientific.

A workshop for vets, vet techs, dog owners, trainers, breeders, artists, zoologists, naturalists…, anyone wanting to understand how canines are made to move.